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SEED Monthly Fine -3 lenses/ box
240,000 ₫ 240,000 ₫ 240000.0 VND
SEED Monthly Disposable soft contact lenses with UV protection.

3 lenses/box
BC 8.8
DIA 14.0
Water Content 38%

Aveo 1-month Toric -6 lenses/ box
640,000 ₫ 640,000 ₫ 640000.0 VND
Aveo monthly disposable contact lenses are designed to keep your eyes fresh throughout the entire day while you are out and about. This is the lens of choice for those who want superb yet affordable vision correction.
Material: Omafilcon A
Orientation Marking: Vertical single line at 6 o’clock
UV Blocking: Class 2 UV Blocker

6 lenses/ box
BC 8.6
DIA 14.5
Water Content 58%

Sphere Powers -0.50 D to -6.00 D (in 0.25 D steps)
Cylinder Powers -0.75 D , -1.25 D , -1.75 D
Axis 10°,20°,90°, 160°, 170°, 180°
Clariti Elite -3 lenses/ box
240,000 ₫ 240,000 ₫ 240000.0 VND
CooperVision Clariti Elite monthly disposable contactlenses incorporate the right balance of oxygen transmissibility, non-surface treatment, high wettability, low modulus and high water content, producing a lens that provides optimal comfort and corneal health.
Clariti elite lenses feature AquaGen™ technology, a process that ensures continuous wettability throughout wearing time. The high 56% water content in clariti elite lenses combines with AquaGen technology to support excellent all-day comfort for your patients.

3 lenses/box
Base Curve: 8.60 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm

POWER available: -0.5~-6 (0.25step)/ -6~-10 (0.5step)
Soflens 59 -6 lenses/ box
450,000 ₫ 450,000 ₫ 450000.0 VND
Bausch & Lomb SofLens59 monthly disposable contact lenses deliver clear vision with the everyday comfort you have been looking for.
SofLens59 lenses are great if you have to keep your eyes open for an extended period, such as working at a computer. They are made with a high water content, keeping your eyes hydrated for longer.
They are made from a material called Hilafilcon B, which prevents the build- up of proteins. This helps to give you clear and comfortable vision throughout wear.

6 lenses/box
BC 8.6
DIA 14.2

Power (Sph)
-1.00 D to -9.00 D (0.50 D step)
Acuvue Vita 1-Month 6 lenses/box
1,080,000 ₫ 1,080,000 ₫ 1080000.0 VND
NOT ALL STRENGHTS are yet available in Vietnam. Please contact us if you want to order.

Acuvue Vita Monthly Disposable Contactlenses.

6 lenses/box
Acuvue Vita 1-Month for Astigmatism 6 lenses/box
1,360,000 ₫ 1,360,000 ₫ 1360000.0 VND
NOT ALL COMBINATIONS are currently available in Vietnam. Please contact us if you want to order and we will receive it within 4 weeks.

Acuvue Vita Monthly Disposables Contactlenses for Astigmatism.

6 lenses/box
Biomedics Now -2 lenses/box
100,000 ₫ 100,000 ₫ 100000.0 VND
Clear, monthly disposable contact lenses from CooperVision

2 lenses/box
BC 8.6
Dia 14.2
SEED Monthly Colour lens UV - 2 lenses/box
180,000 ₫ 180,000 ₫ 180000.0 VND
SEED Monthly Colour Lens UV 2 lenses/ box
SEED Monthly Pure -3 lenses/ box
240,000 ₫ 240,000 ₫ 240000.0 VND
SEED Monthly Pure - Moisture, Disposable soft contact lenses.

3 lenses/box
BC 8.6
DIA 14.2
Water Content 58%